For Clients

- We work with partners of any scale: from start-up online stores to large retail chains, from local corporate resellers to the largest system integrators, everyone is important to us.
- We do not work with individuals or end users and do not participate in tenders for supply of equipment to end users.
- We do not limit our partners to minimum purchases or sales commitments.

Benefits of working with us:


1. Providing customers with all the necessary information, support and advice.
2. Providing clients with all advertising, information and analytical materials, holding webinars and training events, including by suppliers.
3. Participation of our customers in supplier marketing campaigns, special closed partner events and Caetano Distribution promotions.


1. Providing technical support for all customer issues.
2. Managing inventory levels, maintaining the required quantity, and informing customers about inventory levels and other news.
3. Weekly distribution of the price list to partners.
4. Assistance to clients in obtaining the status of a certified partner and special prices.
5. Broadcasting rebates and producers’ bonuses to partners.


1. Flexible payment terms, including deferred payment, and favorable delivery terms.
2. Each partner will be assigned with a manager.


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