Our team

Our team consists of specialists from different fields with many years of experience.

Thanks to teamwork, interchangeability and the ability to look at the needs of customers from different angles, we are able to provide efficient and comprehensive services of the highest level.

Maksim Kamar

Feel the fear and take action!

Fidan Sultanova
Chief Accountant

To achieve a goal, first of all you must go toward it

Irada Safarova
Head of Sales Department

Believe - assert yourself - dream

Nigar Jafarova
Head of Human Resources Department

Always be sure that everything will work out.

Vagif Mikailov
Marketing manager

Everyone has a brain, just not everyone understood the instructions

Chinara Safarova
Junior marketing specialist

My slogan could be here, but I'm so lazy...

Ramin Pashayev
Leading import / export operations Agent

All borders in the world go through logistics

Ruslan Novruzov
Regional Sales Manager

Life is a struggle.

Gamar Gasimova
Retail Sales Manager

Life is a tango, in which the main thing is movement. If you stop, the dance will stop, if you stop, life will stop

Orkhan Alili
Corparate Sales Manager

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Denis Yermakov
Corparate Sales Manager

All or nothing!

Lala Afandiyeva
Junior Accountant - Cashier

Everything will be fine. And if not? And "if" - won't be

Darya Arefyeva
Junior Accountant

If it seems to you that you need to change something in this life, then it doesn't seem to you.

Asim Aliyev
Sales Manager

To appreciate the road, you have to go through it

Dmitry Parshkov
Assistant of Warehouse

Success is at the intersection of luck and hard work

Emiliya Xudiyeva
Assistant of Sales Department

I see a goal - I'm going to it!

Oksana Jukova
Junior Accountant

Whatever happens, everything is fine.

Dmitry Grigoryev
Warehouse Manager

The one who does nothing makes no mistakes.

Nazifa Mammadova
office manager

Life is magic, find the miracle in it

Rasim Kazimov

Be grateful for what you have

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