We have received a new batch of MSI computers!

We have received a new batch of MSI computers!

Caetano Distribution, as a leading supplier of technological equipment, is pleased to announce the arrival of a new batch of MSI computers. This event marks a new milestone in the development of the company and gives our partners the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of computer technology.


MSI, a globally recognized brand of computing devices, is a guarantee of high quality and performance. The new batch of MSI computers includes a wide range of models, from powerful desktop systems to portable notebooks, able to meet the needs of various categories of users.


Caetano Distribution, thanks to established partnerships with leading manufacturers, offers its customers advanced technological solutions. The arrival of a new batch of MSI computers allows the company to meet the growing demand for innovative products and provide customers with reliable and modern solutions.


Our partners can now choose from a variety of MSI computer models that combine modern design, advanced technology and high performance. Whether you need a computer for everyday use, gaming or professional tasks, we are ready to help each of our partners find the best solution for their needs.


We invite our partners, as well as interested parties to get acquainted with the new batch of MSI computers, contact our managers for more information and advice on the following data:



(+994) 55 205 15 84


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