ASUS official visits Caetano and together they explore partnership opportunities!

ASUS official visits Caetano and together they explore partnership opportunities!

During his visit, the ASUS representative, along with the Caetano Distribution team, went on an amazing journey through partner enterprises. This joint excursion allowed not only to get acquainted, but also to exchange experiences and ideas in the field of technology.

The meeting turned out to be a real holiday for all those present. The ASUS representative contributed to the development of the companies by sharing his technical knowledge and the secrets of creating unsurpassed products. Our impressionable employees soaked up every word with a willingness to apply new skills to their projects.

But who said meeting in a business environment can't be fun? It turns out that the ASUS representative is also the star of the podium :) While visiting Caetano, they organized a small modeling walk around the office, where employees could feel like real models, demonstrating advanced technologies in stylish suits and poses. All this not only cheered up, but also demonstrated that technology can be fashionable!

This visit by ASUS to Caetano was not only a fruitful event for business development, but also a great opportunity to strengthen partnerships. Both companies warmly thank each other for this unforgettable experience and promise to continue working together to create innovative products that will delight users around the world.

Follow our news to learn about new projects and collaborations between Caetano and ASUS. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey of two companies aimed at technological progress and joint achievements!

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